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By TerryE
#18770 I have started drafting an unofficial FAQ for application developers using the nodeMCU Lua firmware on a local MediaWiki instance. It is currently about about 50% complete and I am still in rough brain-dump mode. It still needs proper proofing and polishing, but I've published a copy on the ESP8266 wiki on this page: nodeMCU Unofficial FAQ. Please use this topic to discuss content and the issues it raises.

My inspiration for this is the incredibly useful Lua Unofficial FAQ (uFAQ). What I want to put in here are Q&A for all of the questions that new to nodeMCU Lua programmers regularly trip over and ask on this site and on the nodMCU wiki issues list.

As you will see I am still on a voyage of discovery on how this Lua RTS works, but there's detail in here that I just haven't found anywhere else and have only worked out through re-engineering the source.

If anyone wants to chat / skype / email on specific points then drop me a PM and I'll send you my email addr etc.

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By TerryE
#18843 Cal, DNC (sorry only know your handle and not your given name) thanks for your +1s. I am still plugging away, but if you think that anything I've said is actually wrong then that's really interesting and I'd love to work out why we differ in our understanding. Also have a think about the Qs that either keep coming up or that you yourselves puzzled over.

My aim here is not to teach people how to program or even how to program in Lua, it's to cover all of the foundation stuff that a competent Lua programmer would need to understand in order to be able to develop applications Lua for the ESP8266.

Probably the best thing for me to do is to plug away for another week or so getting a first cut reasonably complete and them move it to some collaborative site for others to contribute and polish. We could either use the ESP8266 wiki or it would be trivial for me to put up another MediaWiki instance on my public shared service.