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By TerryE
#26603 Yup, this needs explaining since the way it works isn't quite as standard Lua. The build in C libraries like file and ow don't need any explicit loading; they are just magically resolved, and show up in _G once they'e first been referenced. The Lua modules need to be copied to SPIFFS and loaded with a require.

I'll do this in the next day or so. I've got a lot on my plate at the moment! :(
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By pbecchi
#41149 Terry
I appreciate very much the work you have done!
I have a NodeMCU 1.0 v.2 board that I use with Arduino core libraries.
My question is related to GPIO availability :
-i have looked to serveral documents but I dont have a clear understanding on wich GPIO pin are really available and wich is used for other functions.
- I made some test and I derived a table(attachement)
-It ill be nice if you include something similar in you FAQ.
NODEmcpu Pinout.png
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By TerryE
#41172 Hi, and thanks. We are planning to split the FAQ into 3 parts:
  • The nodemcu firmware FAQ for Lua developers on theESP8266
  • The nodemcu firmware FAQ for those develops that wish to add their own custom C modules
  • The NodeMCU Inc Devkits.
This sort of information needs to go into third category. In fact the firmware can be used on any ESP8266 module and not just the Devkits. I usually use the ESP-01 1Mbyte parts and use I2C to extend the I/O capabilities. (I2C runs fine on the ESP-01 over GPIO 0 and 2.)
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By pbecchi
#41217 Thanks for the advise....
I have already used IIC bus for several peripheral like RTC , LCD and IO port expansion.
There is anyhow application where a certain number of IO pin are required!
I consider to be one of the more critical ESP8266 features the small number of GPIO available to the user.

In additions most of the one available are already in use for other purposes or cannot be used because are utilised internally.

I could not find any clear documents explaining in detail what is available for the different devkit (it should not be so different from the relevant esp chips).

Since I am trying to migrate application already running on Arduino Mega and Uno I am facing this IO shortage problem every day!