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By TerryE
#55394 Hi Will, I'll take a look, but my general reaction is: the more authors the better, so long as content is factual, helpful, and doesn't materially degrade the signal to noise ratio.

What I would also say that my knowledge of the subtleties of non-reentrancy in Lua inter-playing with the SDK colours the content.

We also now have the ESP32 and its IDK which is going to add a whole new layer of complexity :)
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By marcelstoer
#55407 Will, the UFAQ content was migrated to the NodeMCU docs and slightly updated and restructured: -> FAQs.

@Terry, is it correct that what we have in our docs is more up-to-date than the content here?
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By TerryE
#55410 @ Marcel, They are pretty much the same content. If this new set of changes is a material improvement then I will cascade the updates as a PR :) We can use this more informal version to allow contributors to work on new updates, but the github version is the reference for distros.
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By cwr
#55476 The problem is that the uFAQ in the wiki is basically unreadable in parts, thanks to the
automatic conversion to HTML. If all the important stuff has been moved to the
NodeMCU docs then it's probably worth removing the wiki version, but reading both
docs, I don't get that impression.

Just to make things clear, I haven't _added_ anything to the wiki version; just cleaned
up the HTML on my local version so that it's useable - and having done that I find it
very useful indeed. It was a few hours work to make the HTML readable, and I
thought it might be worth saving other people the trouble.