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By moodgorning
#19312 I had a look at your memory datasheet, and saw that the SPI memory you are using only supports 50Mhz maximum memory access, while the esp runs on 80Mhz. When I was doing some research on the memory chips, the ones used on my modules all support up to 100mhz. Maybe this is causing you trouble.
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By Cmo
#19880 Hi all,

I had a few W25Q64FV flash chips laying around so I replaced a flash chip on an ESP-12. The specs look good on this 64M chip but the throws this error:

Erasing flash...
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "../../esptool-py/", line 534, in <module>
esp.flash_begin(blocks*esp.ESP_FLASH_BLOCK, address)
File "../../esptool-py/", line 197, in flash_begin
struct.pack('<IIII', size, num_blocks, ESPROM.ESP_FLASH_BLOCK, offset))[1] != "\0\0":
File "../../esptool-py/", line 107, in command
raise Exception('Invalid head of packet')
Exception: Invalid head of packet

Does anyone know if I need to modify the script to allow for the larger chip size? Any help is very much appreciated.
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By StandardBus
#21498 I replaced the 25q40 (512KB) with a winbond 25q16 (1MB) but I'm not able to make it work.
I'm trying to flash the 1.1.1 AT firmware using the nodeMCU flasher.
It recognise the ESP, the QR code and both MACs appear, but no progress bar...
I've already set on "Config" tab the 8MBit size.