Downloading and installing the new Arduino IDE for ESP8266

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By RogerClark
#12886 Guys,

Firstly thanks to everyone for the code in

And I'm hoping that what I describe below will help everyone and make a better overall system...

Anyway... I downloaded the release from github today, but had lots of issues, with the compilor seeming to be missing a file and I also had upload isssues

I have created a better install package that doesn't require you to have a separate version of the Arduino IDE for ESP8266, in fact you can use the latest Arduino 1.6.2 rather than 1.6.1 which is on
(and which works ;-)


Basically, Arduino's third party hardware spec allows for new devices and their toolchains to be put in the "users" Arduino folder.

On Windows this is My Documents/Arduino

You need to create a hardware folder in the Arduino folder, then download and unzip my repo into the hardware folder, restart the Arduino IDE and select Generic ESP8266 from the boards menu and esptool from the programmer menu

This is all in my readme

If there was some way to cross link my repo just to the core code in I would have done that, but as far as I'm aware, I can't add a sub project to my repo, which is a sub folder of another repo, and I a lot of the stuff on esp8266/arduino is not required at runtime
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By robertkendrick
#13042 Thanks for this. Nice work.
As you probably are aware, at least the xtensa part of your repo is windows 64-bit.
For us poor souls still using XP I found that if you replace your tools\xtensa directory with the same named xtensa directory from 'the unofficial Esp8266 SDK for eclispe' which according to Dependency Walker is x86 it builds the examples without error. You have to install the 'unofficial Esp8266 SDK for Eclipse to be able to get at the Xtensa directory.
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By AlexanderB
#13068 Guess I'm not as smart as I thought, because I couldn't get the contents of to work at all. (win 7 x64, if that matters)

1.6.2 & = no-go, the boards and programmer don't show up, not even if I plant them in the program files\arduino\hardware folder itself instead of in the my documents folder.

manually taking the files from the and putting them with my 1.6.2 install, it finally recognises the board and programmer, but I can't get it to properly compile anything, I either get a very nondescript "Error compiling" or a Java regex stack overflow (Not sure what that was about..) (version 1.6.1) works fine by itsself for the ESP, though 1.6.1 doesn't "work" with normal arduino (theres apparently a known issue with the delay() command that was fixed in 1.6.2)

Sooo in the end, I installed 1.6.2 for my normal Arduinos and put the content of the on my desktop specifically for the ESP, didn't work out for me.

So not sure if I'm being a dummy, or if this is proper feedback, but just letting you know. :)