Downloading and installing the new Arduino IDE for ESP8266

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By martinayotte
#29509 It is not clear here what you wish to accomplish ...
Do you wish having the ESP used as simple UART bridge or you wish to be the main CPU ?
(For UART bridge, maybe you should look at the esp-link project)
Is the "memory" include issue is resolved ?
The "stable" link is Ok, although it is pretty old, the "staging" one has many new features + bug fixes.
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By bitmanrc
#29510 I want to use Arduino and ESP8266-01 as transmitter and receiver wifi.
Memory still unresolved even now I'm reinstalling everything 1.6.5 Arduino.
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By bitmanrc
#29528 memory, resolved ..........
not me error when I select memory BOARD ESPxxxxxxx
But I have to use Arduino to control and esp for WiFi only.
by and thanks