Downloading and installing the new Arduino IDE for ESP8266

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By bitmanrc
#29412 ok my friend.
ok it works. You know tell me where to find a sketch for arduino to act as client and server?
Thank you so much, thank you
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By martinayotte
#29435 Personally, I hate AT firmware, so, I don't have any Arduino sketches which talk to ESP with AT to provide to you.
I'm strongly suggest you to look at ArduinoESP instead, there are plenty of sketches out there.
For example, for client, you will find it in libraries/ESP8266WiFi/examples/WiFiClient/WiFiClient.ino.
For the server while been in STA mode, there is libraries/ESP8266WiFi/examples/WiFiWebServer/WiFiWebServer.ino, but also one for AP mode in libraries/ESP8266WiFi/examples/WiFiAccessPoint/WiFiAccessPoint.ino
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By martinayotte
bitmanrc wrote:They are present at the forum

Who ?
Because the main leader of ArduinoESP is IGRR (Ivan) who is the moderator of the current forum.
He is located in St-Petersburg if I'm right.