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By DonTone
#60763 Hi All,
A very strange thing that has been bugging me for a couple of days now. I use a ESP8266-12E (NodeMCU amica variety) and a standard DS18B20 temp sensor as a first project with the ESP8266.
Now, I wired it up according to numerous examples found on the net, with 4.7k pull-up over data and 3.3v, and connecting it to pin D4 (GPIO2) everything works just fine.
However, when I plug it into pin D2 (GPIO4) (or any other pin for that matter) it simply does not find the DS18B20 device anymore (obviously changing the pin in the sketch).
I even stripped down the sketch to a simple scan for the onewire bus, but to no avail.
The onewire library is the most recent (2.3.2) and the IDE 1.8.0.
I even substituted the EPS8266-12E with another one - Same behavior.
I put a led on the pin, to see if it is connected - Led goes on like a champ.
Is there something obvious I have missed or has somebody else noticed this behavior?

It's driving me crazy, especially since I find nothing on the internet about it and in theory it all should just work.

Thanks a lot for any help,