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By Breixo
#73914 Hi to all,
I'm a newbie very stubborn. I have a Smart Thermostat design and I want to periodically connect to an NTC server to synchronize the date and time (not RTC) and, in addition, to control the thermostat (configuration, etc.) from an Android app, through of an ESP8266 ESP-01.
The design is based on a NANO and a Nokia5110 and I am stuck with the ESP8266. My doubts are the following:

a) Can I use an ESP8266 ESP-01 to synchronize with an NTP server and serve as a bridge to communicate with an Android app, simultaneously?
b) If the answer to the previous one is positive Can I do the project on the NANO Arduino without reprogramming anything on the ESP8266 ESP-01?
c) If the two previous answers are positive, can someone provide me with a source code and/or an example and/or a test link?

Thank you for your time and attention,