Chat here is you are connecting ESP-xx type modules to existing AVR based Arduino

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By tomb18
#88146 Hi,
I just bought a Wemos UNO R3 with WiFi. Besides wasting a whole day with missing firmware I have not got most working, but...
The board has a series of dip switches that allow you to communicate with the Uno, or the ESP8266 from the arduino IDE.
I have both working. I can upload a sketch to the arduino, and by changing switches, I can communicate to the ESP using AT commands from a terminal.
What I want however, is to use an Arduino sketch from the IDE and send data over a network. So the question is how do I communicate with the ESP from the sketch?
I tried a simple sketch that uses the software-serial library but it does not work. There is no response from the ESP.
So, my question is how to do this? I am thinking that I actually need to jumper RX and TX on the arduino to TX and RX on the ESP. Is this correct? It does not seem like there are connected on the board physically.
Are there any other solutions? The documentation for this board is very scarce.
IS the software serial solution the usual way this is done?
Thanks for any help.
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By JurajA
#88153 there is an option to set the switches to connect Serial to Serial, but the USB (upload, Session Monitor) is out then.
you can use SoftwareSerial if you wire a pair of Uno pins to RX TX of esp8266 on the esp8266 header.
the Mega+WiFi can have USB on Serial and esp8266 on Serial3, but Uno+WiFi is limited with only one Serial in Uno