Chat here is you are connecting ESP-xx type modules to existing AVR based Arduino

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By nettworker
#65303 Hello...

I have the same Problem, i use 4 max6675 boards connected with SPI Interface and a OLED Display connected with I2C.
The Display works as Standalone Projekt fine. If i paste the code into my Thermoprojekt, the Thermoprojekt works and the Display show nothing....

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By MigGo
martinayotte wrote:There must be a glitch somewhere... :?

It is hard for me to help you figure it out, since I have neither MFRC522 or SSD1306.

But I can say that I'm using a MCP23017 I2C GPIO Expander along with a SDCard on SPI, and they are working fine even if I used both of them in the same sketch.

Hi... Frist... Thanks.. I saw you make this forum be a great help for we, the newbies!!!!

I have the Idea to make a daily data logger, that send to internet the log of the day in a CSV format archive.

I search for the componets, and is the same you list here, and have the same problems with the I2C and SPI interfaces.

Can you give a sketch or wiring how I can use the SD card reader and the MCP23017?
Wich ESP8266 you use? I think to use the ESP-07 module.. because have a U.Fl Connector for external Antenna