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By Sandrino
#91390 Hi,

when trying to upload within Arduino's IDE (OS Linux Suse) I get this error: "LittleFS Error: mklittlefs not found!" , also under the directory .arduino15\packages\esp8266\tools\ I think there should be a directory named "mklittlefs" because if I downgrade the package to 2.7.4 it appears, if I re-upgrade to 3.0.0 disappears.

And, If I roll back to previous version it works. Any clue ?

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By Sandrino
BigPoit wrote:Same here (on Windows 10 platform).
Found another topic from a year ago with same problem (#84972).
The tools download section is missing a block in the JSON index file.
I hope they'll fix it soon.

OK, so I'm not alone :) . I was thinking it was somehow my fault !