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By reaper7
#15515 @Chris--A - many TNX!!!
1000% better :)
I have small script to rcv jpg image from vc0706 vga camera (connected via uart)
and publish it on esp8266 webpage...
before changes:
320pxX240px (~12kB) -> 32sec to open on webpage,
now, with Your sugestion:
the same image are show on webpage in 3-4sec! incredible :)
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By martinayotte
draco wrote:I have posted some performance benchmark type numbers in another thread here.

@draco, maybe it is a good idea to redo the benchmark with the new fix, because it seems really that Chris put its finger on the beast ! ;)
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By igrr
#15641 The reason latency is improved with this change is actually quite simple. The call to delay(5000) is used to wait for the packet delivery confirmation, but no more than 5 seconds. So the latency is not really associated with the delay() call, it is due to the fact that TCP ACK does not come immediately.
Perhaps calling tcp_output() improves latency somewhat, but you really need to wait for ACK afterwards, otherwise just use UDP.