Example sketches for the new Arduino IDE for ESP8266

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By jbarros
#67280 Hi all,

Let me start by saying great work all!

I have a ducted PEAD-RP71EA and found the CN105/CN92 connector.
I tried most of the code on github with an arduino and the python code on my Mac and for the life of me I can't see any response coming from the board!
I checked all the pins with a multimeter and I got:
1- 12v (ish)
2- ground
3- 6.3v
4- 3.4v
5- 6.2v
Any hints for a basic test to see if my CN105 works/board is responding?

PS: I'm using a Seeedstudio Grove connector, it's only 4 pins but the 2mm size fits the bill
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By jbarros
#67294 Just an update: I discovered that boards that don't have CN105, it can be created with a PAC-IT51AD-E or PAC-IT52AD-E, from a CN100 + CN51|CN52 respectively
Example cables, do notice the resistor pullups on the photos:
Example reference on page 18 with diagram:

So I tried using the pins from CN100 and using the python script the response to connect was always 8x 254(FE)
Is this the expected response to a bad command sent to the unit?
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By 8785ben
#72022 Hi SwiCago

Congrats for your work. I have been dreaming of that for years to be able to monitor and control my installation w/o buying the expensive Mitsubishi addons.

I want to get rid of the built-in room temperature sensor and use a remote sensor which will be much better positionned in the room (like what can be done with MHK1).
Shall I use the HeatPump::setRemoteTemperature function to report the actual room temperature ?
How do I make tell the Heat Pump to stop using its internal probe ?

thanks a lot