Example sketches for the new Arduino IDE for ESP8266

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By SwiCago
Albertooo wrote:Hi swicago,

Can you help me?

My european unit pead rp100 ja dont work with this tructure header bytes.

i have wifi adaptor mac-55-ife7 and works well

How could I figure out the byte structure of my heat pump?

I made your schema with wittycloud esp8266 and my heat pump does nothing.

Thanks in advance

Albertooo wrote:with hadley code python and raspberry connected with heat pump with usb to ttl, i can see the header and the protocol?

Thanks in advance!!!!


Make sure you have the pull up resistors on TX and RX. It did not work for me either, until I did this.
BTW, Hadley's is in NZ and I am in US, both of our units work based off his original python. SO I would be very surprised if EU had a different protocol, especially if the connector is cn105 as well.
You can also use a RaspPi and Hadley's python just to see it work with his code. It may also need pull ups on TX and RX.
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By SwiCago
#62187 Hi Albertooo, I see you figured it out. I saw your post on Hadley's blog. I see you turned off your unit and plugged in the esp, then turned them back on. The esp code connect upon power up, but heat pump is not ready. I just plugged mine in while the heat pump was powered on, so never had this issue. I will modify my library to auto-reconnect if it does not get status from heat pump in a timely manner. This should fix that issue and also mitigate issues on power loss.
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By kayno
#62212 Hi guys - thought I would post over here now for the ESP8266 library, and to avoid the moderation delay on Hadley's blog!

SwiCago - initially I couldn't get things working with your code and then I tried unreality's and it worked straight up, hence me forking that version. I am not sure on all the timings - if it wasn't working for me because I missed your last commits, or if it was something else. Anyway, I am keen for us to get it all back to one library that we all contribute to, rather than 3!

I will take a look at yours again and do some diffing/merging etc to try and get some of my changes in. I agree that your sync() method is better than the two calls unreality has (but think it should be loop() as that seems to be a standard, e.g. mqtt.loop(), and others i have seen) and I'd also like to see the struct that i proposed in my fork to help with readability, remove magic numbers (array indexes), etc.

I think the best approach would be to fork your code and merge in from mine what I think would be good, and we can review?

I can add my mqtt example too.