Example sketches for the new Arduino IDE for ESP8266

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By biobier
#15856 Nice code thanks!
Only having an issue wiht the image. I just get a blue square. Is that correct?

And one question: How to genereate the code for an image?
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By biobier
taoyanren wrote:on WIFI_AP_STA mode, I can only access the station ip webserver but can not open AP ip webserver( at the same time. Why?

Similar issue here. I want to have a config page in AP mode but does not work. This can be tested with this simple code:
Code: Select all#include <ESP8266WiFi.h>
#include <ESP8266WebServer.h>
String form = "<form action='led'><input type='radio' name='state' value='1' checked>On<input type='radio' name='state' value='0'>Off<input type='submit' value='Submit'></form>";
ESP8266WebServer server(80);

const int led = 13;
void handle_led() {
  int state = server.arg("state").toInt();
  digitalWrite(led, state);
  server.send(200, "text/plain", String("LED is now ") + ((state)?"on":"off"));

void setup(void) {
  pinMode(led, OUTPUT);
   server.on("/", [](){
   server.send(200, "text/html", form);
  server.on("/led", handle_led);
  Serial.println("HTTP server started");
void loop(void) {
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By matkar
#21668 Hi, thank you very much for the example!
It works great except for the image page. When I try to load or the page responds it can't display the picture because it contains errors. I've tried to load the page with Firefox and Chrome...
I've compiled the example with a different png picture as well but to no avail.
Anybody else has the same problem?

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By tommybee
#22854 Same to me, the Picture don't show up !!!
This part of code don't work!!

void handle_image() {
server.send(200, "image/png", ""); //nothing is transmitted, that's ok here cause of the ,"");
WiFiClient client = server.client();
client.write(image, sizeof(image)); //also nothing is transmitted, that's not ok here !!!!!!

I'm on Version 1.6.4-673-g8cd3697
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