Example sketches for the new Arduino IDE for ESP8266

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By SergeS
#92044 Thank you, jankop!
Seems like ok for me, thank you...

P.S. Example I have mentioned in the beginning does show progress, although your sample does not indicate progress. I have quickly looked inside of the library, did not get how to show progress.

Looking for library to perform httpupdate for both, filesystem and firmware, and showing the progress on the device side. The best what I found for now is ElegantOTA (not Async!), but it shows progress only on web-page, not on the device, not in the code.
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By gneiss
#92067 Hi all,

The problem, that there is no tool that simply "creates" the files needed for a file system upload had inspired my to create it myself.
Here is my Pull-Request for an "Integrated handling for filesystem and gzipped binaries".
If this Request was integrated, the only thing that's needed is: Selcet the type of files that should be created/exported. Then whenever You do a compile or upload, these files are created.
Look here: https://github.com/esp8266/Arduino/pull/8266

BTW.: When using this, there is no need for an extra tool anymore