Example sketches for the new Arduino IDE for ESP8266

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By miomidor
#92987 I purchased the Esp8266 some time ago. And I built a front-web panel with switches for a few digital pins.

Such a panel is very helpful for testing the module as an HTTP client on the network.
First of all, the panel is dedicated to beginner amateurs of a smart home. Anyone can enable / disable pin [1-4] from anywhere in the world.

Everything is here: https://artstrona.pl/esp8266/

Just enter your e-mail (not saved anywhere) to receive a UID for your panel.
This UID must be entered in two places:
1. ino sketch - String panelId = "xxxxxxxxx";
2.https: //artstrona.pl/esp8266/ point 2 - it will usually be there, after activation, because the browser keeps it in local storage

Lib version in sketch:
ArduinoJson - version 6.18.5