Example sketches for the new Arduino IDE for ESP8266

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By jtnoblet
#93816 I'm fairly new to Arduino and the ESP8266 but I've been a C programmer for a very long time.

I am using a NodeMCU from Elegoo/Amazon. I've been working through some of the example code, starting with "blink". I'm able to send and receive UDP data using the "Udp" example.

My main concern is that the ESP-12E ESP8266 is taking a very long time to connect to my 2.4G WiFi router, on the order of 5 minutes or more. Before trying the ESP-12E I was using an ESP-01 connected to an Arduino via AT commands and it connected in seconds. Other devices in the same location (PC, phone, etc) connect easily to the WiFi router.

Any ideas? I
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By Inq720
#93840 Have you tried it to any other routers? Maybe the ESP is faulty. You're expectation is correct. There should be no difference of connect speed between ESP-01 and ESP-12E. Really, they're the same. Only difference is the number of pins exposed and flash memory size. The guts are the same.

I just loaded my webserver... ~4 seconds to establish StationAP.