Example sketches for the new Arduino IDE for ESP8266

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By danbicks


I thought it was about time I contributed my donnation to this great community. Here is my hash-up of a WIFI scanner with acquire and connect. This sketch will scan for networks, if the one you are looking for is found it will attempt connection.
Uses the cheap and nice OLED displays found on Ebay, looks nice with blue and yellow types.

Massive thanks to Mike Rankin for his excellent OLED code.

Enjoy People..


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By vu2iia
#18481 I am new to 8266, so please bear with me. Code you have provided has to be uploaded via arduino IDE to 8266 ?. Also first I have to upload latest NodeMCU FW to 8266. Have I understood correctly?

Thanks for providing code.

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By danbicks
#18507 Thanks,

Yes other library's can be over inflated, for this only core routines was needed, thanks to Mike doing some similar OLED work, was a doddle to pull it in.

The solution works really nicely, I will at some point add and fine tune the code, it was a hash together really for others here to see a working example with OLED and network ability.

Thanks Again.