Example sketches for the new Arduino IDE for ESP8266

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By kas
#22763 This simple App can switch a light bulb or any appliance from anywhere in the world, using an Android smartphone

to implement the project first start using a standard PC MQTT client to drive MQTTled.ino demo sketch

The demo esp8266 board

Setup the Hardware :
- One button from GPIO2 to Ground
- One led + resistor from GPIO0 to Ground
- Pull Up CH-PD pin

Upload MQTT_led_V1.06 demo sketch to the esp8266, (attached file below)
make sure you use your own router username and pass
Code: Select allconst char* ssid = "Livebox-27C2";                    // Your specific WiFi network credentials
const char* pass = "23456789";

const char* serverURI = "m20.cloudmqtt.com";          //  Your specific MQTT broker parameters
const uint16_t port =    18084;
const char* user_name = "uqkfcjrz";
const char* password =  "+++++++++";
const char* clientID =  "MQTTkas";                    // client ID

:idea: Credit to biobier for the Button management coding :idea:

MQTT broker
Choose and configure a mqtt broker (I use CloudMQTT)

MQTT test client
To test your setup, download and configure a standard MQTT client (I use MQTT-spy)
Make sure to subscribe to 'led' and 'feedback'

Installing the Android App
Finally get MQTT Commander App, and configure both Connection and Session pages,
You are now ready to go ;)

Image>> Video <<

Android App and ESP8266 led are now fully synchronized
- the App button drives the board led
- a local led state change will be reflected on the Android device screen

I will post the Application on Google Play within a few weeks (as a free App)
In the meantime, to get it NOW, notify me here and drop me a Private Message including your email address.
Again, to make life easier, please make sure to have the system working with MQTT-spy, before trying MQTT Commander

This board is a proof of concept; I plan to replace the led by a 3V Opt coupler insulated relay

I am baffled by this new cute WiFi device, and may end up developing a joystick application similar to Joystick Bluetooth Commander

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