Example sketches for the new Arduino IDE for ESP8266

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By proteus74
#23423 Hi,

for those, who are interested:
I've build an easy webconfig system for the ESP.

Features :
    Easy configuration of IP-Address, Netmask, Gateway, SSID and password for your router
    Build-In NTP Client (especially when you want to build a clock), with timezome and daylight saving support
    Realtime clock structure for having a convinient way to access the date/time
    Turn On/Off things at a given time (e.g. for lamps)
    Administration-page will not be accessible after a given time in ESP AP-Mode
    Simple AJAX Support (microajax)
    HTML pages can be added in a differnt (.h-) file and are stored in Progmem.

http://www.john-lassen.de/index.php/pro ... -webconfig

Feel free to use it in your projects.


+++++++++ UPDATES ++++++++++++

I changed the loading of the css and js files. Now they will be loaded sequentielly, so there will be only one request at a time to the ESP.

Now the WebConfig supports special chars in the ssid and password (Urldecode).
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