Example sketches for the new Arduino IDE for ESP8266

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By mvdbro
#26068 Hello to you all,

We have been working on a sketch to turn the ESP8266 into an easy web configurable multi sensor device. Measure things like temperature, humidity, lux, barometric pressure and send this data to some Home Automation controller (Domoticz) or webservice like ThingsSpeak.

Project is currently in "alpha" development stage and it is hosted on sourceforge:

Some screenshots:
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By ridge
#26201 Despite my fondness for hardcoding IP addresses in my source code, this is better.

There must be two MQTT pubsubclient libraries in use, because my previously installed pubsubclient library wanted four parameters passed at startup, the library included with this only expects two parameters. The additional parameters being supplied later in the MQTT connection process.

After a little library renaming and rearranging activity on my part, it ran well with no crashes from my (very) limited testing.
I never quite got it talking to the Mosquitto server, but it felt like it would without too many more hours of trying. :D

Very much tied to the Domotics home automation program. It has many useful techniques and a nice UI for studying.
Tags would include: JSON, home automation, Domotics, MQTT, WebServer UI with persistent variable storage.