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By Lstt
#30395 Dear friends! I found this repository - https://github.com/Gianbacchio/WifiShield101 . After some talks with igrr i some rewrite this code for esp8266 - https://github.com/Lstt2005/ESP8266_I.O ... Bot-master.
But now i have this errors:
Code: Select all................
WiFi connected
IP address:
GET Update Messages

Soft WDT reset

ctx: cont
sp: 3ffebc20 end: 3ffec150 offset: 01b0

            3ffebdd0: 0002e5cd 00000000 00000000 4022c567
            3ffebde0: 3fffbba8 3fff5668 3fff57d0 4022c700
            3ffebdf0: 00000000 ffffffff 3fffbb88 3fff5668
            3ffebe00: 00000040 3fff5668 3fffa2e8 4022cafd
            3ffebe10: 3fff6890 3fff5668 3fffa2e8 4022d504
            3ffebe20: 3fff5730 53134450 0a75423b 00000001
            3ffebe30: 3fff5668 3fffa2c8 3fffa2e8 00000001
            3ffebe40: 00000010 3fff5668 0000000f 4022d775
            3ffebe50: 3fff57d0 3fff5770 0000000f 00000001
            3ffebe60: 00000001 3fff57b0 00000000 4022c5cc
            3ffebe70: 00000100 3fff7343 3fff7343 00000000
            3ffebe80: 00000100 3fff7343 3fff56f8 4022e920
            3ffebe90: 00000000 000000d0 3ffebec0 00000030
            3ffebea0: 23d24220 94505eb8 343d9c13 00000004
            3ffebeb0: 3fff8710 3fff7310 3fff733d 4022a976
            3ffebec0: 4b980203 168029df c6c4081b 75a2510b
            3ffebed0: f0c26116 a3aa5ece 637434da f43db536
            3ffebee0: 5de87775 4b7f6e2d f5cbbbf8 3ace6804
            3ffebef0: 3fff733d 3fff8710 3fff7310 4022ad09
            3ffebf00: f2fedcf8 0187f7fa 8c83b36b 3fff5180
            3ffebf10: 00000000 00000004 00000004 402044b3
            3ffebf20: 3fff7341 3fff733d 3fff5310 00001240
            3ffebf30: 000012a0 3fff85bf 0000001d 00000004
            3ffebf40: 3fff7310 3fff733d 00000004 00000004
            3ffebf50: 3fff733d 3fff8710 3fff7310 4022a79e
            3ffebf60: 00000038 00000000 3fff5180 4020430e
            3ffebf70: 00000038 00000001 00000033 3fff7338
            3ffebf80: 00000000 00020010 0000000e 00000010
            3ffebf90: 00000004 401000a2 3ffeadd8 4020436c
            3ffebfa0: 3fff8710 00000033 00000016 00000000
            3ffebfb0: 3fff8710 3fff7310 3fff7310 4022a8da
            3ffebfc0: 3fff8710 3fff733d 3fff7310 4022aab1
            3ffebfd0: 00000000 3fff51d8 3fff7310 4022ab3a
            3ffebfe0: 3fff6cf0 402058f2 3ffeadd8 3ffeb040
            3ffebff0: 3fff5250 3fff51b8 3ffeadd8 4020416e
            3ffec000: c6a79a95 00000001 3ffec0d4 3ffec0b0
            3ffec010: 3ffea0f8 3ffeadd8 3ffeadd8 402043e0
            3ffec020: 3ffe9780 c6a79a95 3ffec1a8 40206a21
            3ffec030: 401000b4 3ffec0b0 3ffec0d4 4020544e
            3ffec040: 3ffe9780 c6a79a95 3ffec0b0 00000044
            3ffec050: 00000043 00000001 3fff4e80 0000000f
            3ffec060: 00000000 3fff4e60 0000000f 00000002
            3ffec070: 3ffe9780 c6a79a95 3ffec0b0 40207b4a
            3ffec080: 3ffec1a8 3ffea814 3ffec0b0 40207c4c
            3ffec090: 3ffec1a8 3ffea814 00000000 3ffec120
            3ffec0a0: 3ffec1a8 3ffea814 00000000 40205573
            3ffec0b0: 3fff4e00 0000004f 00000044 00000001
            3ffec0c0: 3ffec1a8 0000000b 3ffe92fb 40207ac2
            3ffec0d0: 3fff3bf0 3fff4ea0 0000000f 00000000
            3ffec0e0: 3fff4d90 0000004f 00000044 40207b4a
            3ffec0f0: 3fffdc20 00000000 3ffec120 40207c4c
            3ffec100: 4f00a8c0 00ffffff 3ffea810 3ffec17c
            3ffec110: 3fffdc20 00000000 3ffea810 402022f2
            3ffec120: 3fff4ad0 0000000f 00000001 00000000
            3ffec130: 00000000 00000000 3ffec174 40201896
            3ffec140: 00000000 00000000 3ffeb130 40100398

ets Jan 8 2013,rst cause:2, boot mode:(1,7)

ets Jan 8 2013,rst cause:4, boot mode:(1,7)

wdt reset

Who may implement this libraries? :|