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By Jeff Chen
#12782 it's a great project . thank your work hard.
i have some questions below. hope you can help me.
1. esp8266 have smartlink feature. do you try to port it? if not. i can help. but how to start it in arduino platform.
2. does any wifi class document for esp8266 feature?
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By gerardwr
admin wrote:After many months of coding and testing IGRR and myself are releasing the ported Arduino IDE for ESP8266. You can find all the support at and the source code is on github at

I have hade the enormous pleasure to be part of the Beta test of this development in the past period.

I have found the following strong points of this development:
- a single download of a standard Arduino environment with support for the ESP that works "out of the box"
- full support for the Arduino language, and standard Arduino libraries
- special ESP libraries for Wifi, Onewire. I2C, etc.
- great examples

So amazingly, it "just works". I have ditched my Arduino developments and do all my current development on the ESP. I used LUA before but ditched this too after the Arduino software cam available to me.

I have had excellent support from igrr during the beta test, with very fast response in case of bugs, this guy really knows his business !

Highly recommended! I think this will turnaround ESP development in a major way ! Don't take my word for it, TRY IT !!!

BTW: I have no connection to the developers, just an enthousiastic tester.