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By bradLarson
#62609 I'm grabbing data from an online MySQL DB using PHP which encodes the data into Json. The problem I'm having is that ArduinoJson library doesn't like the format in which my data is presented and won't parse it. I noticed mine doesn't have the backslash('\') that is used in the example code for ArduinoJson.

Here's an example of my output
Code: Select all[{"status":"2","ULevel":"3","LLevel":"2","cLevel":"4","MacAddress":"1","datetime":"2017\/02\/14 15:54:34","firmware":"38"}]

Here's the example from the ArduinoJson example code
Code: Select all"{\"sensor\":\"gps\",\"time\":1351824120,\"data\":[48.756080,2.302038]}"

I'm wondering if this is a version issue or how my data is being encoded?