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By W2K
#64269 What are the default ports for OTA, except for 8266 UDP ? I need to do some port forwarding to allow OTA update a device connected to other network, I need a full list of ports that are used for OTA update. I can't find one excactly defined list. What are the required ports ?
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By pelikano
#65073 Hi,
did you already find the ports used by OTA? I found these ports in order to make a firewall rule but I am missing a port. With these ports I can see my devices over the (same) network but I do not see the respond the esp send to me when I try to upload the sketch.
The error I get when the firewall rule is active: 17:00:50 [ERROR]: No response from device

I used these site for these ports:
Ports: 5297, 5298, 5353, 7648, 32400, 49159

When I switch of the (local) firewall the upload works fine.

I hope someone can help to find the missing port(s).