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By McChubby007
#71775 Your code is not like the previous post's in one very significant way; it uses a loop once the connection is established. Yours thrashes the system each iteration of loop by starting a new connection and also doing prints to serial out which is very onerous on the system and most likely causing the problem, such as out of resources, timeouts, etc. But that is just a guess; I would say for certainty however, that it is not a good method for establishing and using a connection and would advise against it, even if it proves not to be the cause of your actual problem
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By Manowar
#71778 I've tried the same code that in previous posts but only changed connection to existing AP by estabilishing softAP. As I understoond there was only a problem with client which was redeclared in which loop step.
If I understand right I should make "client = server.available();" just once?