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By DinoN
#53510 Hi all,

I am trying to get ESP201 in deep sleep to use as little as possible.

This is how things are connected:

V REG is voltage regulator to go to 3.3V (idea is to use 4 x NiMH 1.2V AAA rechargeables)

When measuring current draw (V Reg is bypassed and I am powering ESP201 using 3.3V and GND pins on additional header connector ) in deep sleep mode I am always around 3.43 mA. In all discussions this should go to micro amps territory.
What am I doing wrong ?

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By schufti
#53513 if you could eleborate a little on the part labeled FET and its function to your setup?
And also about where exactly you measured the drawn current?
And offcourse update your schematic to reflect the actual situation!
I think I can name the culprit but first have to really know all parts in the game ....