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By Matys
#61156 Hello There,
Im trying to get OTA working while there are interrupts implemented but im always getting WTD reset due to HW_timer

Here is my code: ... rature.ino

NoInterrupts(); and detachInterrupt() and hw_timer_set_func(0); does not seems to make any difference inside ArduinoOTA.onStart()

everything works fine if interrupts are commented out..

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By Daemach
#61191 As odd as it sounds, after doing a serial upload make sure you reboot the board before attempting an OTA update. If the board is not physically rebooted, it will crash when OTA attempts to run.
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By Matys
#61201 Yeah, im aware of that, im always doing power cycle after serial flash.
I found a workaround by adding a statement to turn off interrupts while both lights are off and handle OTA then, but still it makes me wonder why it does not work inside Arduino.onStart().