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By 1technophile
#61696 Hello all,

Let me introduce myself, I'm an Home automation enthusiast using openHAB software for more the one year now.
So as to interface my sensors with openHAB I build the 433toMQTTto433 gateway, based on the RCSwitch library. First compatible with arduino only, I ported the code of the gateway to ESP8266

This gateway enable to interface cheap and generic 433mhz wall plugs, switch, PIR and door sensors with an home automation system through MQTT. A second version enable to add Infrared communications.

So as to extend the capabilities of the gateway I would like to add the DIO chacon protocol (also known as newkaku) to its capabilities. This protocol is supported by the arduino with the library newremoteswitch from Randy Simons.
I did some adaptations to the library to make it compile on a NodeMCU V1.0 here:
Now I can see the code of the remote control on the serial monitor when I press a button nevertheless the code is always the same either if I press button one or two or three...
I think there is some tweaking to do on the code but not very confortable with this. Is there any expert here that can point me out what do we have to adapt when porting an arduino library to the ESP8266 platform?
I already moved interrupt to RAM but don't know if it is enough.

If you are interested also in contributing don't hesitate to submit a pull request to the code.