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By DTesla
#65973 Hi all!

I need to upload an exported bin file from Arduino IDE to an ESP8266.

I tried to use the node-mcu flasher: selected the bin file to the address 0x00000

and uploaded it; got no error from uploader, but sketch won't start.

If i upload it from Arduino IDE everything works...

What am I missing?

Thank you
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By sibir
#65988 Sorry no reply, but I have been wondering about the underlying approach (which should answer your question):
How is Arduino on ESP8266 implemented? Does it still rely on nodeMCU or does nodeMCU get wiped out and replaced with some Arduino firmware? What is the exported "binary" from the Arduino IDE? It is fairly large, does it include the firmware or just some libraries?
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By DTesla
#66033 Hi sibir,

I'm using the ESP8266 Core for Arduino IDE with the ESP8266WiFi library.

If I upload the sketch on the nodemcu board 1.0 ESP-12 with the usb port it works.

Now I want to upload the same sketch on a generic ESP-12 using an FTDI module, without using the Arduino


So I'm able to export the bin file, but I don't know how to flash it on the chip.