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By m.maazi
#76211 Hi.
I am trying to build a self-healing mesh network between my esp8266 sensor nodes (about 100 nodes). I need every node to be updated over the internet (OTA). I found some libraries that build mesh but each has some limitations:
easyMesh: No OTA.
painlessMesh: No OTA.
ESP8266MQTTMesh: Needs a mqtt broker. Using an arduino as broker limits the number of working nodes.
Any suggestions?
I need something like this:
thanks for help.
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By feronimus
#85690 How about using a broker over the internet?
A cheap VPS maybe that you could host a basic rest site then to controll your network over any simple app?

In that way you could work with the ESP8266MQTTMesh if i am not mistaken.