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By stealthrt
#78098 Hey all I have a C# program that allows me to upload the .BIN file to my ESP8266 (Wemos D1 mini) board and that does just fine at updating the .ino code if updates are needed.

However, I am wondering how I would go about doing that if my wifi network changes the password to access the wifi?

I use mDNS in order to not care about the wifi's IP address but I have yet to find anything that would still allow me to do an OTA update when the wifi has changed its password from the one coded in the .ino file.

So if I save the password into the SPIFF, how would I access the Wemos D1 mini if the password changes and I needed to update the password on the Wemos D1 mini to reflect that password change? It would seem to me that it would not connect since the old password would be used when asking to do a OTA update?

I may be over thinking this - or missed something very obvious that I am looking over but any ideas on how to fix this issue would be great! :D
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By QuickFix
#78105 The answer to your question is: WiFiManager. :idea:
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By QuickFix
schufti wrote:I don't think

Good point and nice alternative. 8-)