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By btidey
#80529 is just the default.

If setting up softAp yourself then see ... class.html for how to control it including the IP address.

If using the AP used by wifimanager to initialise networking then use wifiManager.setSTAStaticIPConfig to control what AP IP it uses to listen for. ... figuration
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By josephchrzempiec
#80945 hello i did try the example with changing in access point but i can not figure out how to add a password i tried to look on the site and it told me how i can do it. but i tried and failed can you please help me this is the example.

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#include <ESP8266WiFi.h>

IPAddress local_IP(192,168,4,22);
IPAddress gateway(192,168,4,9);
IPAddress subnet(255,255,255,0);

void setup()

  Serial.print("Setting soft-AP configuration ... ");
  Serial.println(WiFi.softAPConfig(local_IP, gateway, subnet) ? "Ready" : "Failed!");

  Serial.print("Setting soft-AP ... ");
  Serial.println(WiFi.softAP("ESPsoftAP_01") ? "Ready" : "Failed!");

  Serial.print("Soft-AP IP address = ");

void loop() {}

from this address that you gave me.