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By josephchrzempiec
#83014 hello i saw there are many ways of updating and uploading new code to the ESP8266. Sense i use arduino ide to upload new sketch and libraries to my ESP8266 Is there a way i can host them files on my web hosting server and be able to update my ESP though the web page on the ESP?

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By rudy
#83016 If it is acceptable to update them manually, you going through a web page hosted on the ESP8266, then the WebUpdate.ino example does just that. You would select the compiled code on your computer, then it would upload and update. ... eb-browser

It is the simplest method, although you need to do it manually. ... Update.ino

If the ESP is not local, behind a router somewhere where you need to go through the internet, then you will need access to the webpage. So port forwarding on the router would be needed.
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By btidey
#83018 I normally use the manual method starting with web server request to the esp8266 to be updated as described as I am normally updating local devices.

It is, however, possible to reverse the flow by hosting the binaries on a convenient server and then letting the esp8266 periodically check for new versions and then perform the firmware fetch and updates themselves. This makes it easier if it is across the internet as the transaction starts out as an outgoing request from the esp8266 units which avoids router and port forwarding issues.

For example ... r-esp8266/

or ... te-Server/
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By josephchrzempiec
#83023 Hello all thank you for the help and information. I did mange to find this as i was getting reply's back and i did find I clicked on http server one and saw that.