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By schufti
#83772 ok, then I have two suggestions:

power the DS18B20s via a gpio to make sure they are powered down in deep sleep

use an up-to-date arduino esp8266 core (but not the latest) at least 2.3 better 2.4.2 as there have been some where the fw blob from espressif had massive power drain in deepsleep
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By btidey
#83775 I go back to my original point. You really need to put a multimeter in current mode in the supply line to see what is actually going on.

An esp8266 should be drawing about 80mA average whilst it is active. When it goes into deep sleep you should be seeing a dramatic drop in current down to a few 10's of uA. The led on the thing will prevent it dropping right down as it will draw about 8mA so best if you disable that first.

Measuring the current will establish that you are going into true deep sleep.