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By dareko99
#86106 Hello

I have e problem with ESP8266 12E.
When i programming ESP with default software like WiFIESP8266 -> WiFiScan, program work normally, in monitor i have result schearch. But when I programming some software from APP RemoteMe, is programming normaly but don't work. Esp don't connect with server and in baud 74880 i see:

ctx: cont sp: 3ffffd40 end: 3fffffd0 offset:
01a0 >>>stack>>> 3ffffee0: 0000000c 3fffff50 3fffff5c 4020352e


ETS JAN 8 2013,RST CAUSE:2, BOOT MODE:(3,7).

In attach is automatic generated program form RemoteME. And schemat mu application.

Earliy I made similiar app with RemoteMe app and it work normally. I don't know where is a problem.

Code: Select all#define WIFI_NAME "2.4G-vnet-9776DC"
#define WIFI_PASSWORD "****************"
#define DEVICE_ID 2001
#define DEVICE_NAME "Smart_Home_1"
#define TOKEN "************"

#include <RemoteMe.h>
#include <RemoteMeSocketConnector.h>
#include <ESP8266WiFi.h>

RemoteMe& remoteMe = RemoteMe::getInstance(TOKEN, DEVICE_ID);

//*************** CODE FOR COMFORTABLE VARIABLE SET *********************

//*************** IMPLEMENT FUNCTIONS BELOW *********************

// method will be called when user message came

void onUserMessage(uint16_t senderDeviceId, uint16_t dataSize, uint8_t *data) {
   Serial.printf("got message sth size: %d\n",dataSize);

// this method will be called when sync message came to arduino You have to fill  returnData and returnDataSize
// as example now it reponse  one byte with 1 as value

void onUserSyncMessage(uint16_t senderDeviceId, uint16_t dataSize, uint8_t* data, uint16_t &returnDataSize, uint8_t *&returnData) {
   Serial.printf("got sync message sth size: %d\n",dataSize);
   returnDataSize = 1;
   returnData = (uint8_t*)malloc(returnDataSize);

void setup() {


   while (WiFi.status() != WL_CONNECTED) {

   remoteMe.setConnector(new RemoteMeSocketConnector());

void loop() {
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