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By kelsien
#86372 Hi all. Made a post recently regarding a project I am workin on - Creating wireless on/off features for these fancy pedicure chairs my friend's company produces. Incorporating 5-20+ ESP8266's (1 ESP + 1 relay per chair) and controlling these all from one central interface. I was able to achieve this using RPi as a broker with MQTT, and it works flawlessly.
Now I am doing some configuration so that the system can work anywhere, and isn't dependent on any internet connection. I am setting up the RPi as an Access Point for the ESP's to connect to, however I have realized that the IP changes across reboots, and since the IP needs to be hard-coded into the ESP's I realize this will cause issues. Is there a way to set a STATIC IP address on the Pi while also using it as an AP?
Doing some googling, I couldn't find an exact answer. I just want the RPi (automatically on boot) to create and host its own AP with the same IP every time so that there aren't any connectivity issues down the line.

Thanks in advance for any input, appreciate it!