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By DaveEvans
#86560 This is a question about the LwIP variants that are available in the Arduino IDE "tools" section for the ESP8266 (I'm using Adafruit's Huzzah).

Using Wireshark, I found that "V2 low memory" makes the device send 562 byte packets and "V2 higher bandwidth" makes the device send 1460 byte packets. The latter seems to give my web server a snappier response, as one might expect. But it is not obvious what the differences are between V2 higher bandwidth, V2 higher bandwidth no features, and V1.4 higher bandwidth. What are "features"? And what are the differences between V2 and V1.4?

I have not been able to find answers to that in ESP8266 Read the Docs, the ESP8266 or Arduino forums, the ESP8266 github site, the Arduino "help" system, or....anywhere on the web. My googleFu seems to be weak.

Can someone please describe (or point me to a source that describes) the differences between all of the available LwIP variants for the ESP8266. Thank you!