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By vmetal
#88221 Hello! I am using ESP8266 like webserver. I would like to insert a picture depend of a variable but the picture doesn't show.

Code xample:
Code: Select allif (i==0)
request->send_P(200, "text/plain", "hello word";
request->send_P(200, "text/html", "<!DOCTYPE HTML><html><body><link rel=""stylesheet"" href="""" integrity=""sha384-fnmOCqbTlWIlj8LyTjo7mOUStjsKC4pOpQbqyi7RrhN7udi9RwhKkMHpvLbHG9Sr"" crossorigin=""anonymous""><i class=""fas fa-thermometer-half""></i>""</body>""</html>");

Why I can't see the picture?
thank you