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By Tekken
#88298 I have this strange problem with the ESP8266 latest 2.7.1 community library.
I use a wifi check code to see if the device is connected to the AP if not it tries to reconnect with a delay 30 times if it cannot then it invokes ESP.restart() to restart the device.

I have the same code loaded into 10 different ESP8266 D1 minis, it's the exact same hardware however on 1 (the rest of the main program works just fine) this restart goes into an infinite loop and I would like to understand it why.

Looking at the ESP it clearly seems it keeps rebooting over and over with minimal delay because the blue led is blinking on it and it never comes back online.
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By StanJ
#88900 I had something similar around then; they'd done a change which made my D1 Mini boards go berserk when I used ESP.restart(). We tracked the offending commit down and d-a-v fixed it, as I recall. The current git doesn't do that any longer.

I have XMC flash on my D1 Mini modules, manufacturer ID 0x20.