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By giandeg
#88833 dear all,
i am new in this forum.
During a lesson about micropython the school give us a board. In the box there's written: "mod wifi esp8266-dev"
Now I would like to use it.
But I don't understand if this board is an independent board or it's a module.
Thanks and best regards
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By kesavalowes
#88891 Don't worry buddy, there is nothing to worry at all.

mod-wifi-esp8266-dev is development board with the famous esp8266ex wifi ic. The module be used for home automation, smart plugs and lights, mesh networks, industrial wireless control, baby monitors, IP cameras, sensor networks, wearable electronics and you have nothing to do with it right now until and unless you are up to the online classes.

It's suggested to look into it if you are into any smart gadgets such as the ones mentioned above.

Thanks & Regards,