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By Mikejstb
#13053 when will we see some documentation, api function listing, etc?
I need to retrieve the chip Id, clear or reset the wdt, etc.
the more i try to work with it the more questions pop up like this.
I've gotten used to using the nodemcu Lua and am constantly referring to the github api documentation.
Really need the same thing for the ESP-Arduino environment.
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By igrr
#13071 This isn't a small task, so I can't give you any ETA on this.
I've created an issue to track the progress:

The APIs actually consist of:
- the basic Arduino functions and classes (described here)
- ports of standard Arduino libraries (Wire, EEPROM)
- esp8266-specific libraries: ESP8266WiFi, which is very similar to the WiFi Shield library, ESP8266mDNS (no doc, but see example included), ESP8266WebServer (no doc, but see one example included and another one here on the forum), Ticker (no doc, see examples included).

Things like deep sleep, chip id, heap size, etc., don't have Arduino-like APIs yet. You can use all the APIs provided by Espressif in their SDK, just be sure to include corresponding header file (most of the time, you need "user_interface.h").
Espressif has the SDK documentation on their BBS.

As you can see things are very scattered at the moment, so if you get a moment to compile some information into a single reference guide, that would certainly be great. I will get to it, but for now adding things like SPI, PWM, and uploads over WiFi has higher priority.
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By RichardS
#13075 wiki/doku.php?id=arduino-docs signup and start creating :-)