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By peeyushg
#90354 ESP8266 stops sending all of a sudden in AP mode. It is very random. Turning on Serial debugging prints :ust rc=1 for each send attempt. The ESP eventually resets with EXCCAUSE Code of either 28 or 29.

While it is most likely a problem with my code, trying to track it down led me to the send method of UDPContext.h. It seems to me that the err_t can be either 0 (ERR_OK) or a negative value. I've dug through all the source code and can't seem to figure out what might be returning a positive value of 1.

Any clue what might be returning a value of 1 or what might be going on that suddenly halts the send operation?

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By eriksl
#90605 Please ask your question in arduino section, it's specific to arduino.