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By GastonMelo
#91320 Hi to all,
I have an esp8266 as webserver like the example WiFiHTTPServer. I'm sending the html page like this:
Code: Select all  client.print(header);

I want to know if is possible to send the html page encoded in gzip in the form:
Code: Select allindex_html_gz[]={0x10.........0x20}

I already coded the html page using cyberchef.
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By btidey
#91324 Yes.

If you return with header attribute “Content-encoding: gzip” then the browser will unpack the contents correctly.

I do this all the time with gzip files stored in filing system in the ESP8266. It is not just html that can be handled like this but css javascript etc.
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By GastonMelo
#91325 thanks for the quick reply,
i send this:
Code: Select all  client.println("HTTP/1.1 200 OK");
  client.println("Content-Encoding: gzip");
  client.println("Content-Type: text/html");

where index_html_gz is the html gziped. They did receive the gzip html but only display a white windows.