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By RRnoa
#92318 Hello,i have an esp8266 with my arduino connected and have create a webserver.Esp8266 is in AP and STA mode..Its all fine but i have a question.
1.Why when i type in the web browser the ip ,a client is connected without hit the enter?and when i hit the enter an other client connected?I thnik that this isn't normal.Is it?
2.Also i noticed that many times clients connected and disconnected during the proccess but i use only my laptop .Maybe esp8266 in sta mode is the one more client ?but i noticed 3 clients in same time i think.How i can prevent these extra clients connections?At Incognito window is just 1 client connected as expected.So is the browsers fault?
3.My client connected to ID 0 for example but send me an answer with id 1.Can anyone explain me why?

3.When client connected:+IPD,0,466:GET / HTTP/1.
When client send me a message(username and password of login-webpage):+IPD,1,646:POST /login HTTP/1.1. My main webpage force the redirect to a new id when log-in?cant use the same id?

Thank you so much,sorry for my english and for so many questions :)
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By JurajA
#92329 browsers request the favicon. that is the one extra request you see.

you use the the word 'client', but those are TCP connections not clients. the id in AT firmware is simply an index in AT firmware. the firmware can receive more connections and will map them to a free id.

one client can open multiple TCP connections for example to download the parts of the page

a HTTP client doesn't send answer. HTTP protocol is request/response. browser can send the next request in the same TCP connection or in a new TCP connection
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