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By ChrisO
#93245 Hi

I have a ESP-8266-01 sitting in a relay-board. The relay is controlled by GPIO0.
The default level of this pin is HIGH, given by the HW design.
With the factory firmware this pin just gets to 5V.
However, when programmed with Arduino's IDE there is a kind of "initialization" and GPIO0 is pulled down.
And this level toggle triggers the relay and makes this board useless for serious usage like controllig
garage door.

Any idea where to look for a way to disable this?
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By rpiloverbd
#93252 Hello, can't remember any such initialization. I think it will be more helpful if you share link of the board and a screenshot of the message that you are seeing at the time of uploading the code. Hopefully, those will bring you more responses here.
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By ChrisO
#93257 I was partially wrong. I've just realized that the relay on my relay-board where the ESP8266-01 is sitting is LOW triggered. My bad. That means when the ESP8266-01 boots before GPIO0 goes, as designed, to 5V it is for a very short time LOW. That closes the relay and then GPIO0 goes HIGH and my relay opens.
I was thinking it was the other way round.
That means it has nothing to do with Arduinos sketches etc. I received today two brand new ESP8266-01, with just AT firmware and observed what I described above.
Sorry for the noise.