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By Duke
#95283 Hello,

I'm just switching from the Arduino IDE to VSCode/PlatformIO.
I have problems to find the right libraries again.

In the Arduino IDE I had added the json path to the addition boards manager URLS and had access to e.g. the library "".

Under PlatformIO I selected a new project with "Wemos D1 R2 (Mini)" and Arduino framework. Basically I can compile and flash. Unfortunately PlatformIO does not find the headerfile "ArduinoOTA" when I add it in the code.

I can search and include "ArduinoOTA" via the PlaformIO libraries search. But this is a different library with different function calls (ArduinoOTA from Arduino v1.0.9) and not from (ArduinoOTA from Ivan Grokhotkov, v3.0.2).

How do I include the libraries correctly on PlatformIO ?


EDIT: Seems it was a local configuration problem. Everything is working now.