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By juanpintom
#18881 I finally decided to acomplish this with an ATTINY85, maybe it's simple to do on ESP directly but the 0-1v Range on ADC limits the accuracy of readings, here you have a simple example and guide to connect and get this working with an Attiny85 connected to ESP12:

If anyone wants to integrate emolib directly on the ESP is really welcome! :P

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By gi0nzi
#23337 Hi,
I had work on it and at first I was stuck in the calcIrms function due to the SQRT function tlead ESP to crash and reboot, because of some problem in its math library when you program via the ArduinoIDE.
to overcame the issue, I implemented an approximated method to calculate the squareroot and it works fine.
that's the link where i took the algotithm: ... on-Precisi

hoping can be usefull